About Calvary Lutheran

Calvary Lutheran Church in Park Rapids, Minnesota is a community of believers in Christ, justified by grace through faith. Our mission is to faithfully proclaim and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to all people. We do this by nurturing the congregation towards growth in faith and discipleship and by reaching beyond ourselves in mission to the community and the world.

Office Staff of Calvary Lutheran 732-7284

Lead Pastor: Steve Norby, 218-237-8809   calvaryleadpr@unitelc.com

Associate Pastor: Sara Jensen, 218-732-7284  calvarypastor@unitelc.com

Education and Youth Director: Dana Kocka Home: 237-1330 calvaryyouth@unitelc.com

Office Manager: Laura Kujawa 732-7284 calvary@unitelc.com

Organists: Roz Pederson, Martha Thompson,  Sandra Lichter

Choir Directors: Senior–Paul Dove,  Bells–Chris Luckeroth, Youth–Mary Maxwell

Custodian: Dennis Christenson

Calvary Lutheran Church, 112 S Park Ave, PO Box 187,

Park Rapids, MN 56470

218-732-7284–Office 218-732-4382 FAX

Office Hours:  Monday-Thursday, 8:00-4:30  Friday 8:00-Noon

Mission Partner: Iglesia Lutheran, Eagle Pass, Texas & Piedras Negras, Mexico, James & Carol Sack, Tokyo, Japan

Calvary Church Council

732-5981  Al Judson, President

573-2414  Jerry Gorden, President Elect

237-6004  Bob Hollenbeck,  Past President

Position Open,  Secretary

732-7474  Barb Haugen, Treasurer

732-8836  Laura Kujawa, Financial Sec.

255-4853  Dorothy Meyer Caring & Out Reach

564-4737  David Simmons, Family Ministry

Position Open, Finance

732-8576   Bill Simpson, Learning

732-0856   Bob Hansen, Resource

732-4487   Brenda Carpenter, Worship

732-9463   Rhonda Lageson, Youth

If you have any questions, corrections or information to include on this web page contact Donna Yliniemi at donnalynny23@gmail.com.  I am always looking for new ideas to add to Calvary’s web presence.

Worship Service Video Schedule

  • Tuesday 10:00 am Ch 8 Charter Cable Network,
  • Thursday, 9:00 am Ch 14 Arvig Cable Network

Saturday Worship is at 5:30.

Sunday Worship

is at 8:00 and 10:30.

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